Inventory Manager


MANAOLA Vision: Our mission at MANAOLA is to create fashion and lifestyle
products that empower individuals through the cultural values, arts and crafts of Hawai‘i. As its
name denotes, MANAOLA is the life force brand of Hawai‘i that mixes ancient wisdom and
contemporary expression to enrich the modern lifestyle.

Manaola Group LLC is a retail operation and is seeking an Inventory Manager whose key duties
will be to perform inventory management and control. The Inventory manager will report
directly to the CEO. Duties include reviewing stock and inventory reports, validating reported
data and comparing previous information, among other responsibilities. This position requires
an individual who possesses critical thinking skills for analyzing problems and formulating the
appropriate solutions. In addition, the Inventory Manager will work closely with company
managers and others to plan and determine inventory requirements. The Inventory Manager
will also design, revise, interpret, and implement inventory management procedures.

-Establishes and executes formalized inventory procedures.
-Conducts daily analyses to forecast potential inventory issues.
-Maintains and improves operations by monitoring system performance; identifying and
resolving problems, completing process audits and analyses, preparing and completing action
plans, managing system and process improvement; and managing/instituting quality assurance
-Maintains professional and technical knowledge by tracking emerging trends in
inventory management, benchmarking state-of-the-art practices and preparation of
performance reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data & trends.
-Manages inventory financial objectives via forecasting of transaction volumes to ensure
appropriate resource allocation, analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions.
-Demonstrates interest, patience and cooperation to work through conflicts that arise.
-Takes initiative and is both self-motivated and self-reliant to manage the department.
-Maintains excellent time management skills including the ability to prioritize, delegate
and organize in a timely manner.
-Continuously evaluates system to ensure accuracy is maintained; converts manual
processes to automation, where reasonable and efficient.

-College Education (Associates degree or higher) preferred in business operations,
management, business administration. Will consider applicants with commensurate experience
and/or who hold an inventory management certificate acquired through a programs offered by
some educational institution or operation management certified program.
-Experience in working within a team and independently.
-Experience in interfacing with programs for inventory control.
-Working knowledge of Excel.
-Must be able to demonstrate 2/3 years proficiency in inventory management either
through experience, education and/or a combination.
-Salary: Commensurate with experience and education.
-References to be provided.

Manaola Group LLC is an equal employment opportunity employer.