“o Haumea ka wahine hānau kupanaha a hānau wawā”

Haumea the woman of miraculous and tumultuous births

From the goddess Poʻele, who is the endless womb of night, to the reproductive cycles of our natural world, the Loina Wahine or female principals have always stood supreme in native creation stories as the portal of all creation and holders of sacred space.

Designer Manaola pays tribute to life and creation by honoring the divine feminine, the great ancestress of fertility and childbirth, Haumea.  Her name Haumea references Hānaumea or she who gives birth.  As a divine embodiment of the sacred feminine she is known as the mother of many elemental gods and goddesses to whom were born from different parts of her body.  Haumea’s notorious child is that of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanic activity.    Her powers of miraculous birthing allows her to take many forms as she re-emerges through different periods of our mythology.  In her land creation form she is also referred to as Mother Earth Papa, or Papahānaumoku “Papa the birther of lands”. Papa alongside Wakea, the Sky Father, is known as the progenitorʻs of the Hawaiian islands and race connecting us back to the land and stars.  In Hawaiian thought, women are the physical embodiment of Haumea as they are the gatekeepers of life and represent earth itself laying the foundation of our world and our cosmos.

Manaola’s carved patterns represent the divine portal of creation.  The repetitive rows show the long matrilineal succession who have carried the legacy of life through generations. Manaola intends this motif to honor the goddess and bring forth the energy of creation and re-birth in all aspects of our lives.