Mudra Love

Mudra Love recently attended Oprah Winfrey’s “Live Your Best Life,” tour and is passionate about doing just that. She lives every moment with intention and aims to live to the highest, truest expression of herself. What does this mean? For one, she is prudent with her time and the way she spends it. High among her priorities are investing in personal development. Her practice consists of meditation, mindfulness, reading, writing, self-care and dreamboarding.

In addition to her personal development practice, Mudra believes in high quality human relationships and strives to foster these in her life. She is beyond thrilled to represent Manaola Hawaii at New Fashion Week and is thankful for the many opportunities life has blessed her. Like Oprah, gratitude is her religion and she continues to live every day in the space of what is and what can be. You can learn more about Mudra Love at her website and look out for her upcoming book.