Frolic Hawaii: MANAOLA Fashions Go Deep

To truly understand the Hawaiian language, you must know what “kaona” is; the hidden and deeper meaning of a word or phrase. To fully appreciate Manaola fashions, understand that behind every creation, lies a story.

Hula practitioner and designer Carrington Manaola Yap, known as Manaola, debuted his latest collection at the Honolulu Design Center’s Cupola Theatre on Friday. From his handcrafted prints to his unexpected placement of cut-outs, and slim menswear silhouettes, there’s something different and special about Manaola designs.

Growing up in Kohala on Hawaii island, he immersed himself in his surroundings, culture and heritage. Manaola translates his spirituality and fascination of nature into prints that embody organic shapes and repetitious patterns from fish bones, shark teeth, eel skin and lightning.

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